Art & Science of Fencing

New Students

New students are welcome to begin in an open foil or cane class. Drills and exercises are designed to provide an excellent balance of physical and intellectual workouts.

Class Availability

Open Classes meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings, most weeks.


Follow your passion to learn a traditional art form.

Classical fencing

The foundation for classical fencing is laid down in the French Royal Academies of the 18th Century. Through the 19th Century these fencing arts became highly systematized, codified and refined to a virtuosic height. There are still a small number of traditional masters with lineages dating to this era.

Classes offered: Foil, dueling sword, sabre, cane & poignard

historical fencing

Historical fencing arts are those which were practiced prior to the 19th Century, when the sword or dagger was viewed as a common sidearm. Today, these arts are a reconstruction of earlier systems recorded in treatises from previous centuries, informed by one’s understanding of fencing theory, training and practice.

Classes offered: Spear, longsword, rapier & dagger

workshops & Lectures

Salle Saint-Georges hosts regular public events in which people may listen to lectures concerning history or philosophy. Guests may also participate in various physical workshops, ranging from classical & historical fencing technique to the science of fencing applied in the wonderful world of fantasy weapons.

Recurring workshops: Science of fantasy fencing