Salle Saint-Georges

Salle Saint-Georges is a traditional school for classical fencing and etiquette. The school structure reflects the ideals of 19th century classical fencing academies where the focus on training is serious, as though one were preparing for a personal encounter. This formal environment encourages the growth of a student, both as a fencer, as well as an individual through a refinement of manners, etiquette, self-confidence and self-control.

In 1771, the French fencing master, Monsieru Olivier commented that among the numerous benefits fencing imparts, that it is the very cultivation of this art that imprints repsect, gives true valor, good nature, and politeness, thus making one fit for society.



  • Cecil Longino

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“I originally started fencing because I needed to learn how to stand up to a second grade bully, but as I move into my 11th grade year I can really see how much emotional support I gained from coming to your school and meeting so many wonderful people. Thank you for teaching me how to love fencing and appreciate every aspect of its intricacies. “ Margarita Burnett-Thomas


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