About us

A history of excellence & dedication to tradition

Salle Saint-Georges has been instructing in classical and historical fencing in the north Seattle area for over 20 years.

The school structure reflects the ideals of 19th century classical fencing academies where the focus on training is serious, as though one were preparing for a personal encounter. This formal environment encourages the growth of a student, both as a fencer and a well mannered individual.

Our Team

Cecil Longino

Maître d’Armes

In 2003, Cecil Longino was accepted as a formal student of Maestro Ramón Martínez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez, training in both classical and historical fencing weapons. He earned the rank of Prévôt d’Armes (Provost of Arms) in November of 2013 and was later elevated to Maître d’Armes (Master of Arms) in November of 2016. He is certified to instruct in all weapons taught at the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York.

He is also a student and affiliate instructor, working toward full instructorship, under Maestro James Loriega of the Raven Arts Institute.

Andrew J. Telesca III

Instructeur d’Armes

Andrew Telesca lives in Seattle, WA and has been fencing at the Salle Saint-George since 2006. Andrew originally began training in classical fencing in 2001 with the study of the Italian fencing system of the Scuola Magistrale Militare di Roma under Maestro John Sullins.

In 2003 he began training with Maestro Ramón Martínez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez and by January of 2012, he earned the rank of instructor in Northern Italian dueling sabre through the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York. Shortly after, in October of 2013, he earned the rank of Instructor in Italian and French foil.

Corey J. Holmes

Chef de Salle

Corey began her fencing career with Salle Saint-Georges in February of 2010, by June of 2017 she was promoted to the office of Chef de Salle. Prior to this she had trained in other traditional Eastern martial arts and Ballet, with the Royal Academy, before finding our enclave of Polite Society.

The Chef de Salle serves as the sergeant of the salle. It is her duty to settle disputes and ensure that all safety guidelines and protocols are followed.

Dashington Rendarious III

Chien de Salle

Dashington or Dash, as he is commonly called, has grown up being an important part of Salle Saint-Georges. Since he was a puppy his responsibilities as Chien de Salle have been to greet students at the door and assist them letting go of daily stress with a fuzz face and wagging tail. He will often be found lounging around the Salle waiting for someone to pet him. He takes his duties very seriously.